What are some cool/fun things to do in Bali Indonesia?

This famous provincial island is located in the country of Indonesia. This beautiful island is located at the west-end of the chain islands called the Sunda. Denspasar is the capital of this island and located in its southern part. Many tourists in Indonesia often visit and explore this island as well as international visitors. On the island are many tourist places to see and fun things.

Bike around the rice fields

There are many tour companies that provide bike trips and at the most competitive prices. The off the beaten path bike trips are recommended to everyone who are more adventurous. Some of the stops include the following

  • Take a breakfast at the top of the mountain
  • Visit a coffee farm
  • Visit a traditional village of this island on the way down

Healthy and tasty meals are included in many of the stops but make sure to check in with the company. Also check in to visiting Jatiluwih and Tegalalang at the landscape is breathtaking. They are known for green rice paddies throughout the mountain areas. A great spot for taking selfies.

Butterfly Park

Butterfly Park in Bali will captivate the attention of every tourist. The environment host many nurseries for this beautiful insect. New butterflies are hatched on a daily basis. You will find other interesting insects such as the leaf insects and the rhinoceros beetle that are known for their large size.

Balinese Temples

There are many temples in Bali at this time. The most recommended temple to visit here is Taman Ayun (a UNESCO site). You can pretty much visit all the temples in a single trip. However, an advance planning may be smart in order to include breakfast, lunch and dinner.


You will find many entertaining activities throughout the beach during the daytime. This is dependent on which beach you visit because there are many throughout the island. There are too many to mention in this article but stay tuned for a piece focused on this area.

Monkey Forest

Monkey Forest is one of the best tourist places to visit in Bali. If you have any bananas or any types of other fruits in your pockets or bags, then watch out for the monkeys as they will try stealing them. Also be protective or your sunglasses and hats during your visit.

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