Tips for Travelling with Children on the Road

Travelling with children on the road can be a very daunting task as they get impatient very easily. If you are planning a trip by road to somewhere or going on a long drive along with the kids then you would need expert handling and a lot of patience. Kids can be very fussy, impatient and might not be able to deal with the physical rumbling of a long trip. One of the most important thing to do with children on the road is to keep them distracted by engaging them in various different activities. If you are planning a trip on the road with children in tow then you must remember some of the following tips which will come in handy. Read more ›

5 things to do in Kuta, Bali

When you’re ready for the sights and sands of a foreign country, there’s no time like the present to head to Kuta in Bali. Kuta is a beach and resort area to the south of Bali in Indonesia. It’s known for its surfing hot spots, party atmosphere, and sandy beaches. When you’re ready to swap the daily 9 to 5 grind for surfing lessons and water parks, it’s time to book your airfares! Here are five things you can do in Kuta, although the list is truly endless.

Kuta Beach

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What makes Ubud, Bali great to visit?

If you’re looking to experience the best of Bali, off the beaten track, a visit to Ubud in the uplands should be on your to-do list. Known as a center for traditional crafts and dance, those who choose to meander through the dense rainforests and view the undulating sea of green are sure to appreciate the true beauty of the area.

Some of Bali’s most famous landscapes can be found within Ubud, as well as ancient holy sites, temples and rock-cut shrines. If you’re looking for just one reason why Ubud in Bali is great, we can give you several. Below are just five of the several attractions within this Indonesian paradise.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

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What are some cool/fun things to do in Bali Indonesia?

This famous provincial island is located in the country of Indonesia. This beautiful island is located at the west-end of the chain islands called the Sunda. Denspasar is the capital of this island and located in its southern part. Many tourists in Indonesia often visit and explore this island as well as international visitors. On the island are many tourist places to see and fun things.

Bike around the rice fields

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